Peregrino (Brazil)


The Peregrino oil field, located off the shores of Brazil 85km east of Rio de Janeiro, was opened in 1994. Its reserves are estimated at between 300 and 600 million barrels. Oil extraction began in 2011, when Sovcomflot and the leading international oil company Statoil entered into cooperation on the project.

For the Norwegian company, the owner and operator of a 60 per cent share in Peregrino, it is the largest field outside of the continental shelf of Norway. Statoil chose its shipping partner exceptionally closely. Sovcomflot was one of only two shipping companies accepted to adhere to the complex requirements of the project, and subsequently won an international tender between the world’s leading tanker operators.

On 9 August 2011 SCF Group’s Aframax tanker Adygea undertook the first shipment of oil extracted from the Peregrino field. This event became the starting point for a new area of cooperation between the two companies, and another demonstration of Sovcomflot’s international recognition. Sovcomflot currently has four Aframax tankers in operation on the project.

A unique feature of the Peregrino project is the unique characteristics of the oil extracted from the field. It is heavy crude oil, with the maximum permissible viscosity for cargo operations and a high shipping temperature. This class of cargo requires special attention from the shipping crew, as the temperature of the oil during its loading and transportation is in the region of 70°C.